Author: Rolf Mistelbacher

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

How to Add Subtitles To Your Social Media Videos

Videos uploaded to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram all have one thing in common: they automatically start playing while users scroll their feed and are muted

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

Marketing Nerds NL #17

Feat. a text to speech tool, a logo creator, LinkedIn news, an online events platform, browser extension for Twitter.

WordPress & Website Creation

A First Look at Elementor Theme Style Feature

It takes a lot of clicks and copy paste action to keep a consistent style of your Elementor powered WordPress page. The Theme Style Feature changes that!

Social Media & Content Marketing

Marketing Nerds NL #16

Featuring: Kapwing video editor, email service announced, sendview for email marketers, Google Takeout, free illusatrions.

WordPress & Website Creation

How to Connect Elementor with Mailchimp

Building your own list of email subscribers is something you, as a website owner, should think about. Your posts on social media reach only a

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

Marketing Nerds NL #15

Welcome to the blog post version of our newsletter for marketing nerds and entrepreneurs. This post features apps/tools/resources marketers with a hands-on mentality should know

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