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Facebook: 3 Features Businesses Should Evaluate In 2019

Not long and the year 2018 will be over and for sure we will not have to wait long for new social media updates and inventions. However, I was curious what social media trends people can expect in 2019. For that reason a few days ago I started reading various reports about possible social media

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How my 17yr old niece uses her smartphone – Hannas perspective 2018 edition

Last weekend my niece was visiting, we spent the weekend Christmas shopping, visiting the Sagmeister & Walsh exhibition and watched the McQueen documentary (highly recommended). We also chatted about her smartphone usage (she turned down my idea of spending a smartphone free weekend), this chat led to this blog interview. This is the second edition

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An Introduction to Tik Tok – the App Everybody Talks About Right Now

Have you already tried Tik Tok – the app teens around the globe seem to love? In the last years, one certain social media app called became more and more popular. The main function of the app was that users could make videos combined with background music or other audio snippets. Most people

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What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Facebook?

To me, its the bad behavior of showing you notifications for *every* tiny detail. If there is a symbol to hate, it’s this: What does this icon do with your mind? You get a little curious, a little stressed, you click on it, and in 95% of cases you think “Why does Facebook think that

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