A digital marketing agency
helping your brand to succeed in a fast changing environment.

A digital marketing agency
helping your brand to succeed in a fast changing environment.

for Digital-Marketers and Entrepreneurs.
Just another Digital Agency Blog? No. We share with you, what we learn in our daily work.

Content Marketing Workshop

Learn about our most booked workshop.
We taught over five hundred people how to create
a solid content marketing strategy and apply it.

defines us, and we are proud of it! Check out four projects that showcase our diverse set of skills.

Air Prishtina

Social Media Marketing


Content Production


Social Media Consulting


Content Marketing

Digital Marketing is a fast changing game. Trends come and go.
This is a selection of topics we master, adapt, and change.

Content Strategy

One blog here, a landingpage there, a newsletter every now and then. How does it all play together? We help you to connect the dots.

Social Media

is much more then likes and comments. We help you to develop a strategy that helps you to reach the audience you want to reach.

Content Marketing

Taking care that your content reaches your audience, monitoring the reaction and tracking conversion. Easy, right?

Influencer Marketing

Sorry to say but there are people out reaching way more people on social media then your company does. We help you evaluate if you should work with them!

Workshops & Trainings

There are many things to master in an ever changing online marketing environment. We train, educate, and support your marketing team.

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