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Influencer Marketing: There is not much that can go wrong…

.. if you download our E-Book for digital marketers and apply the advice! This E-Book is a co-marketing effort between and Fresh van Root. The idea was born just a few months ago, now it is reality. Why? If you work in marketing and consume any sort of industry news you probably came across several

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From Gmail to ProtonMail – A Marketers Perspective

A few month back I decided to make the switch: From Gmail to ProtonMail for company email (all email addresses). While there are obvious reasons for this move (encryption, privacy, security), I want to share my experience after using it for a few month. Done migrating from @gmail to @ProtonMail with main company account!

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Elements Every Successful Landing Page Should Have

Successful landing pages for the most part consist of a special arrangement of various important elements. To create a successful landing page people should also consider inserting these helpful elements. There are mainly 5 primary elements which can be further categorized: Your Unique selling Point(USP) In order to create a successful web page, a company

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Posting Trends on Four Different Facebook Pages

For a recent client project I researched different content approaches used on Facebook pages. In this blog post I share a few posting types and trends that I have discovered. Eurowings What I first recognized on the Facebook page from Eurowings, was that a lot of the content is supported by a well-known German comedian.

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Digital Marketing is a fast changing game. Trends come and go. This is a selection of topics we master, adapt, and change.

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