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Social Media & Content Marketing

Twitter Stories: What the Fleet?!

Twitter released a major new feature in Brazil, which could completely change how we use Twitter. It is called Fleets. Fleets work like Stories on

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

Marketing Nerds NL #17

Feat. a text to speech tool, a logo creator, LinkedIn news, an online events platform, browser extension for Twitter.

Apps & Tools for Content Creation

Marketing Nerds NL #12

Featuring Descript, a software for editing your audio file. A free illustration gallery, a tool to connect Instagram and Twitter, and more.

Thoughts, Ideas & Opinions

Why I prefer Twitter over Facebook

I recently re-activated my (real) Facebook Account after 2 years. I blogged about content consumption outside Facebook here already. After 2 weeks I am fed

Social Media & Content Marketing

Publish your Twitter threads as blogs

In recent years it has become pretty normal to publish your thoughts and ideas as Twitter threads (see here an official how to and example).

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