A Convenient Web Library for Illustrations

You may have already seen these illustrations of people on some websites:

They are made with the help of Humaaans, a design library with mix and match illustrations of people. This site makes the life of content creators and web-designers easier.

You can work with a template, rotate and reposition any element, change the looks of the illustrated people, as well as the scenery.

Templates in Humaans
Templates in Humaaans

The library is free for personal and commercial use. You can pay for it as much as you want. It’s available for download in the following formats:

The illustrations of Humaaans look quite appealing, but, at the same time, they do not attract too much attention. This means that the Humaaans won’t draw attention away from the main content.

Customisation of Humaans' illustrations in Figma
Customisation of Humaaans’ illustrations in Figma

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