About Our Blog – Categories and Navigation

Quick update about the Fresh van Root blog!

We have passed a milestone: 150 posts have been published. And we will pass 200 posts later this year, this requires us to rethink how we allow our readers to navigate our blog.

I have always been a fan of the classic chronological one column layout for blogs. That layout is not easy to navigate and for new users, it is hard to understand what topics this blog covers.

We spent some time in the WordPress dashboard and re-organized our posts in new categories:

Until recently our categories have been a mess and did not really give a clear picture of what type of content our readers can expect. After publishing over 100 posts it was time to rethink our initial categories and also how prominent we link to the category pages.

A quick fix to our blog overview page was applied by adding a dropdown to choose the category you are interested in.

Over the coming weeks, we will redesign our blog homepage to a new multi-column-layout and add the search box (currently hidden in our footer) in a more prominent place!

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