Noticeable: A Minimalist CMS For Your Product Changelog

Website owners, product companies, businesses of all sizes, often want to show a timeline of events on their website. A classic weblog is usually not the right place to do this. Your blog shows your long-form articles, goes in-depth on specific topics.

But what if you want to show a short and crisp timeline of events/developments in a minimalist timeline-view?

Say hello to Noticeable.

Noticeable – a tool to show a timeline of events

The service is made exactly for the use case described above. While Noticeable pitches itself as the perfect service for software product companies, you can really use it for any type of timeline you want to show (your book/movie project, company history, …).

So how does it work?

Sign up for a free account, create your project, and start creating your first post. I have done this for Fresh van Root within 5 minutes.

  1. Create a project
  2. Define the labels (categories) for your posts
  3. Create a post
  4. Add a link to your Noticeable site

What I instantly liked about the service:

  • Simple, clear use case / specific problem solved
  • Good user experience – simple to navigate and grasp
  • The editing interface for posts has the right amount of formatting options
  • Great email support

Other notable features:

You can connect your Zapier account and integrate Noticeable in your existing workflow and tools. For example, you can sync the email addresses collected with Noticeable into your existing Mailchimp list.

Screenshot on 2020-05-06 at 17:15:06.png
Zapier and Noticeable work well together

Another cool feature is the widget. By adding two lines of code to your website, a small icon will show up with a number of updates from Noticeable. A user can click it and look at the headlines and browse the news. This is especially useful if you want to make users instantly aware of the updates.

The Noticeable widget in action

One of the first features I always look out for is hosting the content on your own domain (possible) and removing the branding (possible).

Advanced features:

  • Scheduled posts
  • Publish posts in multiple languages
  • Invite team members
  • User segmentation

So is now the place where you can get a behind the scenes look. We will use Noticeable to share what we are working on, but most of the time, document all the little changes we constantly make on our own website. Soon, we want to give a behind the scenes look for the super interested.

Some other examples: Tettra, Wistia, Noticeable


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