28 Ways to Use ChatGPT: Beyond Text Generation (Listicle)

You can ask ChatGPT to create text, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I like to call ChatGPT an Swiss Army knife.

Day-to-day, my time is a mix of managing the Fresh van Root agency, working for clients, conducting research, and creating original content for our blog and newsletter. ChatGPT serves as a sparring partner in these tasks, aiding me in every aspect of my work.

After most interactions with ChatGPT, I take away at least one insightful nugget I can incorporate into my projects. This list, drawn from my ChatGPT conversation history, is intended to inspire you in your work.

  1. Provided talking points about an article and generated a paragraph text out of it
  2. Paste newsletter subscriber data in ChatGPT and ask for an analysis
  3. Uploaded all our sprint documentation (we work in 2-week sprints at Fresh van Root) and asked for a summary of all text comments
  4. Created images using DALL-E inside ChatGPT to brief our designer (we usually describe in text the graphic we need and sketch something, now we use DALL-E)
  5. Ask to summarize articles (you can paste the text or use a custom GPT called Accesslink – or any of the others)
  6. Provided a PDF report and planned a social media campaign about the content
  7. Created a podcast ad script based on a social media post
  8. Created YouTube scripts based on a blog post
  9. Research on content projects – from persona to content ideas
  10. Created a landing page draft for a newsletter homepage by providing the text content
  11. Created a clickable prototype of landing pages using the Netlify CustomGPT
  12. Created a clickable prototype of a web app called “LiterarySwipes” that allows you to browse and bookmark book titles
  13. Generated interview questions for a job applicant interview
  14. Used ChatGPT as a business coach: Review my business year with me. Provided all financial data
  15. Calculated client profitability by providing specifics like client revenue, timesheets, etc.
  16. Created a CustomGPT based on all my LinkedIn posts to use ChatGPT to create posts more sound like me (results were underwhelming, but I will tinker with the settings/instructions)
  17. I have taken pictures of artwork and asked about the underlying practice of creating that art (to understand how complex it is)
  18. I Found a sleeping pill in my bag and asked ChatGPT if that pill would need a prescription in Austria.
  19. I hired a writer to write a blog post, and he delivered the text as a listicle. I used ChatGPT to rework it for readability section by section.
  20. Generated content for a workshop on AI – I asked ChatGPT about the different technologies that drive AI innovation.
  21. I created a landing page copy for the Fresh van Root agency homepage. Took the final result to brief a copywriter
  22. Brainstorming: I used ChatGPT to discuss if “Jake/Jill of all Trades” has a more positive or negative connotation – before rebranding our newsletter to “Creators of All Trades Newsletter.”
  23. I often paste headlines (blog and newsletter) and ask ChatGPT for the fitting emojis
  24. Posted social media post texts and asked for feedback, improved flow, etc.
  25. Created drafts of content plans: provided post titles and used ChatGPT to map it out over two months
  26. Asked to make a headline sound more like a Buzzfeed headline for LinkedIn ads
  27. Created custom illustrations for presentations
  28. I created fun Lego sets using DALL-E

Hopefully, this list inspires you. Have fun exploring the possibilities with ChatGPT!

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