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Newsletter #62

High Output Mktg | Taking Things Personally | Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 | Consistency in Design | Quarkly Web Page Builder | Your New Wallpaper

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Newsletter #61

Mainstreaming NFTs | Ignore Follower Count | Rethinking Mobile Webdesign | Turn Datasheet into an App | Notion Clone by Microsoft | Freshblog Revue

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Newsletter #60

Minecraft is the Metaverse | Polywork vs LinkedIn | Agile ToDo App Height | Snapchat filters for Zoom | Content Marketing Course | Cosmic Relaxation

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Newsletter #59

New Loom Alternative | Another Facebook Scandal | Blogger Survey | Twitter Professional Profiles | Turn Google Slides Into Video | SEO Writing Tool

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Newsletter #58

web3 explained | Forget open-rates | Workspace & productivity | New web page builder | Virtual office app | Don’t forget to take breaks

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