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Newsletter #109

AI-written Content is Average | New App in Hype Cycle: Twitter meets Clubhouse | How To Midjourney | Reduce social media noise by 90% | Landing Pages Design with Prompt | Collaborative Markdown Docs | AI Emotion Detection Tool | Modern Way To Collect Video Feedback | Figma-like App But With AI | Free AI Photo Stock Site

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Newsletter #108

Content Quality in AI Age | Google Search (not) in Trouble | AI features in your browser | Human Voices AI-Enabled | AI-powered Task and Time Management | Website Builder | Community for Photographers | Freebies

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Newsletter #107

Einstein in Your Basement | Forget the Hype | Your personal AI Voice | Calendar and Tasks in One Place | Web Pages via Prompt | Burning out from the AI News Tsunami

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Newsletter #106

Tricking Google To Rank Shallow Content | A Future-Focused Creative Workflow | New in Google Slides | Write without Interruptions | Web Pages via Prompt | Burning out from the AI News Tsunami

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Newsletter #105

Let me AI that for you | Kick start your AI Chat | Visual App Prototypes with AI | Cut out the middleman | Broken links suck | 28 Ways To Use ChatGPT

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Newsletter #104

Forecasts, Predictions, and Ideas for 2024 and beyond | Meta Creation | Easy Sitemaps and Wireframes | Image Editor and Generator | Is your website content indexed by AI chat systems? | Upgrade your bookmarks | AI chat on the go

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