No week goes by without discovering a new NoCode app, tool, or resource to check out.

Apps that allow marketers to build prototypes, or functioning products, are released every week. And some of the tools we have used for years are rebranded as No-Code tools.

Our Trello board is full of No-code resources. We do not have 100 hours a week available to actually browse and consume them all, but maybe you have. Here are three sources we check out regularly.

No-Code Report

No-Code Report is a weekly newsletter covering announcements, product updates, community news, podcasts. Check last week’s edition.

NoCode.Video collects and categorizes videos all things NoCode.

Visual Developers Podcast

Visual Developers Podcast covers a broad range of topics and a bit nerdy, especially if you just discovered the No Code movement. I tune into every other episode (on average an episode is about 1hour).

All these resources are pretty new, and I discover more NoCode blogs, podcasts, newsletters every week. Or has the hype about No-Code already peaked?

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