After a few weeks in the home office and an overdose of Zoom calls and Zoom-critical articles, you may want to check out an alternative service.

Whereby is one of those tools you should give a try.

Whereby default view of a meeting

Whereby is for free to use with up to four users. This is a strong limitation compared to Zoom, but it has other features Zoom lack.

Firstly, you do not need to install any piece of software. It runs in your browser (tested it with Chrome) both on your mobile and your desktop without installing a browser extension.

Secondly, that makes it even easier to use compared to Zoom. You can create a unique meeting room URL and send that URL around (like your personal meeting ID with Zoom). The difference is that you can set the URL to your liking even without being a paying customer. Whereby does support a custom background, but only on a paid plan.

Setting unique URLs for meeting rooms in Whereby

Apart from that, it also supports screen sharing, “locking a room”, recording a video (paid feature), and has a feature for watching YouTube videos together.

Whereby is, of course, lacking many of the corporate like features Zoom comes with, such as holding webinars for large crowds, registration forms for events, fewer integrations, and more. But I expect many of those features will be added soon.

Give Wherebay it a try for your next 1:1 meeting!

Shout out to Luca, who made ma aware of this tool!

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