Share and Discuss Websites with Bubbles Chrome Extension

There are many ways to take and share screenshots of websites, and we covered lots of them here on our blog.

Sometimes you do not want to share a screenshot but want to discuss the design or content of a page instead.

Chrome Extension Bubbles solves this issue.

How it works?

Once installed, you can click the Bubbles icon and take a screenshot. After that, a comment box shows up in the right-hand sidebar.

You can place a marker anywhere on the page and add a comment. Bubbles creates a unique link you can share, and everyone having the link can comment. Try it out.

A screenshot taken with Bubbles showing comments
A screenshot taken with Bubbles showing comments

You can take a screenshot of the visible area, the complete page, or even record a video.

The screen-recording can have comments, and viewers can jump between the comments made. Here’s an example.

The nice thing is that this all works without needing an account. If you want to keep track of your comments, you can leave your email to get notified if new comments come in.

The features of Bubbles Chrome extension
The features of Bubbles Chrome extension

Bubbles can be a nice little helper if you want to discuss a design, layout, or the actual text written on a page.

An easy way to get a discussion about a website’s design or content started.

Head over to the Chrome store and try it out.

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