How To Use Figma To Create Social Media Graphics

I recently signed up for Figma to create a website mockup for a client project. Figma is aimed at design teams working together on app prototypes, UI and UX projects. That’s why it wouldn’t be the first tool you think of when you need to create graphics for social media.

But Figma also provides a template section, and one of them is made specifically for social media graphics.

You can use the social media template to create graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

I took it for a quick test and I was able to customize a graphic within 5 minutes.

“Figma Design is a cool tool not only for designers, but also for content creators and social media managers.”
- Rolf Mistelbacher, CEO & Founder Fresh van Root
A social media graphic for Twitter created with Figma

Here’s how you can try it out:

1. Sign up for a free Figma account

Figma offers a free account

2. Duplicate the social media template to your Figma account

This creates the template in your Figma account.

3. Browse the available templates and take a look at the how-to-use page

A short how-to use Figma section is built into the template file. It also explains how you can export your images once customized.

4. Start customizing the graphic you need

The way it works is that you customize rectangles, text elements, and images, and export the file that you want to publish on social media. If you have worked with a design tool in the past, you will manage to customize these templates easily.

A quick example: I customized the Twitter image template by changing the gradient colors to our own brand colors, uploaded my photo, and changed the text.

The Figma design tool - editing the social media template
The Figma design tool – editing the social media template

Keep in mind that Figma is a design tool, not a puristic social media graphics tool. Creating graphics for social media is just one tiny additional task it can be used for.

Compared to Canva and all the other tools for social media graphic creation, Figma does not provide hundreds of icons, stock images, and so on. On the other hand, Figma gives you way more freedom to design whatever you like.

Still an option worth checking out, especially because you can try it out for free.

Check out Figma features and templates to see what designers use it for.

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