Not #Hiring or #OpenToWork? Get 12 additional LinkedIn profile banners

LinkedIn offers an easy way to add a #OPENFORWORK or #HIRING banner to your profile picture.

But there are so many more things you could do with that.

That is why we created a set of 12 additional profile frames that you can easily apply to your profile picture.

Right now, our Google file contains the following additional LinkedIn profile banners.

  • #MAKER
The Google Template file with additional LinkedIn profile banners

How to add a banner to your LinkedIn profile picture?

  1. Make a Copy of this file to your own Google Account. Click File > Make a copy (Sign in to your Google account first)
  2. Drag&Drop your profile picture on the banner slide you want to use
  3. Resize/Crop your profile picture to 1080×1080
  4. Position it, so it fills the whole slide
  5. Right-click your profile picture and click Order > Send to back
  6. Click File >  Download > PNG (Current Slide)
  7. Upload the downloaded file as your new LinkedIn profile

Do you miss a profile frame that matches your mood or work? Let us know in the comments.

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