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#WORKSHOPS motivate and inspire teams – with full day workshops about digital storytelling / content marketing / social media / productivity and collaboration (Workshops in German and English). Contact

#CONTENTCREATION a Fresh van Root production: architecture company ATP architects engineers uses Microsoft Surface Hub for collaboration across locations. Watch the video.

#SOCIALMEDIA Finnest is a fresh client: we helped the startup to create their social media strategy and build their Facebook presence. The Vienna based startup built a crowd investing platform which allows people to invest in established businesses.

#COLLABORATION How does a social network for the workplace improve team collaboration? We helped Four Paws to role out Yammer to a team of 350.


#MARKETING Influencer Marketing: That was a big topic already, do you remember? What changed from 2004 to 2017? Read the blog.

#STARTUPSTORY UberWhat type of company is that? Great product, but corrupt company culture. That you can read daily in techblogs. Do you want to know the complete story? Grab a copy of The Upstarts. Recommended reading if you want to get the full picture on how Uber and AirBnb got so big.

#TRUMPISM Lord give us our daily Trump tweet. This Twitter bot publishes each Trump tweet in the format of a whitehouse press release.

#MARKETDATA “Internet Trends 2017” – over 500 slides with market data about social media, cloud, smartphone usage and gaming.

#YOUTUBE “More than a decade later, how do original YouTube stars feel about the site?” – pixel videos, low reach, and not much money for lot of work. YouTuber of the first generation in portrait.

#MUSIC for the summer: One | Two | Three

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