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FigJam Whiteboard App | Data-Driven vs. Data-Conscious | Review of async video messaging app Threadit | Audio room features now in every app


I am always looking forward to putting together a new issue of this newsletter, especially during a busy week like this one. If I don’t get time to try out new tools or get to open up my reading list I get angry. By the way, this is the latest Lego thing my son built.

Hello to all new subscribers: this newsletter is for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneurs. Content & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission. Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

It’s data-driven so it’s the right thing to do!? (Blog post, 10min)

Collecting data, creating reports, and analyzing is part of the routine for marketers. But creating marketing activities based on data only can lead to getting on the wrong road altogether. This is an interesting read about combining data-driven tactics with guiding principles or company values. More

Website loading experience from 1996 compared with today (Blog post, 5min)

I remember my first book about HTML, in it, it said no website should under any circumstance have a page size over 100KB (that was in 1996). Today the typical website has a size of 2MB. How is the loading experience from a 25-year-old website different from a website created in 2021? This is an interesting experiment including the option to re-live the loading experience from a 56K modem. More

Social Media: Audio is coming to every app (Blog post, 3min)

Clubhouse was the first app driving the global hype about live audio chats. But within weeks every popular social media app announced its own live audio feature. What counts is the best-iterated version of the feature, not being first on the market, this article argues. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Threadit by Google – App Demo & Review

Asynchronous video messaging for work is a thing because recording short videos help reducing time on calls, and it’s especially helpful when you are working in teams spread across timezones. Loom is one tool that capitalized on that trend, and several others are also trying to get a piece of the cake.
In the last edition of this newsletter, I featured Threadit, another take on this concept. I took it for a test and created a video & blog post about it. More

Whiteboard App FigJam in Beta

Figma is used for a lot of things that are not really design work, one of those tasks is creating whiteboards. Figma announced FigJam, their own whiteboard solution for teams. I am playing around with it already and will write a detailed review for the next issue of this newsletter (I use Figma daily). Screenshot | More 

Turn Google Docs into Wiki-like websites

Navigating, searching, and sharing content from several Google docs is not easy out of the box. Spaceli and Kbee turn your Google Docs folder into a wiki website. Kbee seems to be the more advanced solution. Twitter Thread on Spaceli

Basic Twitter account stats on any account

With Tweetdeets you can generate a simple report on any public twitter account. Screenshot | More

Create checklists for recurring tasks

We all rely on checklists for repetitive tasks. Macro is an app specifically made for creating those checklists. More

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We are making progress on moving over our content from Mailchimp. The search feature is already working. Try it out! More

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The Villages – Documentary

I really enjoyed watching this documentary about a retirement community in Florida called The Villages.
In the early 90ies, the community had about 8000 residents, today 120000 people live there. I like the Cinematography of the movie and the people/couples it focuses on. Watch the trailer

What would Bob Ross say about this

painting of mountains made in Microsoft Paint. More