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Welcome to all new subscribers: this newsletter is for curious marketers, content/web creators, and entrepreneurs. Content & tool curation as a service, that’s the mission. Expect stuff about social media, design, marketing, tech, and productivity (twice a month). Stay fresh! Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Minimal Viable Culture (Blog post, 10min)

A very interesting look at how Gumroad, “a company of creators, for creators”, is run. No meetings, no deadlines, and no full-time employees – reads the headline. But the CEO admits, this culture may only work at this one companyMore

Being Freelance (Podcast, 40min)

A wide-ranging discussion about running a web agency, growth, and productivity with an entrepreneur from Florida. This podcast is already at episode 237, and I just discovered it. More

Evolution of SEO (Video, 26min)

A talk by the CEO of MOZ (SEO software), in which he explains all the signals that influence your search rank and how these change over time. More

Social Voice Chat Rooms (Blog post, 5min)

Clubhouse is the most popular one, but Twitter has made an alternative called Twitter Spaces. This post tries to answer the question of which one is better. More

Analysis of WordPress market (Article, 10min)

About 30% of all websites worldwide run on WordPress, so many companies run a successful business by developing plugins for it. But competition is fierce, and the market constantly changing. A recommended read if you are a web creator using WordPress. More

“1% of your day” (Blog post, 1min)

Struggling with your new year’s resolution? Maybe scale it down so that it needs just 15min of your time daily? More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Website Heatmaps with Clarity by Microsoft

This tool allows you to create heatmaps and record user sessions. Sounds familiar? I don’t think that’s a serious effort by Microsoft to go after Hotjar customers. But if you do not need more features and prefer a free alternative, this could be it. More

Logodust – free logos

Yes, of course, you should hire a brand designer to create your logo. But for your next side project, these might be good enough. (SVG files for customization) More

Creating Twitter Threads suck

It sucks in the native Twitter client because you cant save drafts. With Chirr App, you can write your Twitter thread like a blog post, and the app then creates a Twitter thread based on your text. More

Mega Guide: Starting a paid newsletter on WordPress

A collection of how-tos for people that want to create their own newsletter platforms based on WordPress. It explains all the building blocks and how they connect. More

Want to start a minimalist personal blog?

Blot is a very simple file-based blog tool. Put a text file or image in a folder (dropbox for example) and blot renders those files as blog posts. More

📣 Fresh van Root

🎉 BIG News: Elementor Crash Course

Finally, our Elementor Course is on sale. As a newsletter subscriber, you can get it for 33$, instread of 100$. If you get this course (and finish it) you will have learned how to build your own custom website from scratch without writing code. More

📱 Build an app the No-Code way

How hard is it to build an app that features the content of this newsletter? This question has led to a full test of the no-code app builder Adalo. We’ve created an app prototype, and of course, share the complete process behind it on our blog. More

🔗 One More Link

Super Mario

in LoFi. More