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Learn how to build your own custom website from scratch!

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Do you want to build your own website, without writing code, using the most powerful pagebuilder on WordPress?

Instead of reading hundreds of posts and learning bit by bit, learn from our multi-year-long experience of building websites without writing code.

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Great job with the course, very useful and I love that it is all-inclusive. Everything is in one place with a simple explanation which is rare for most WordPress and Elementor courses.
Jelene Grgas
Web Creator from Croatia

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  • 4 years of experience packed into 35 lessons/1hr of video
  • Created in February 2021 using the newest Elementor version
  • Built for self-taught creators in mind (not for developers)
  • Demo content provided to build your site along
  • The necessary knowledge to build your own site from scratch

Course Outline


  • How WordPress, Themes, and Elementor play together
  • How to install Elementor Hello Theme, the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugin
  • Hot to create a page with Elementor from scratch
  • Layout options and navigating in Elementor
  • Design Defaults (Global Colors & Fonts) in Elementor
  • The most important widgets and their settings
  • Padding & Margin and other design basics
  • How to create a consistent design experience


  • Re-using content with Elementor (templates, widgets, sections)
  • Using Elementor Theme Builder
  • How to build your own custom blog template
  • Elementor Popup Builder
  • Integrate your Newsletter in Elementor (Tips and Tricks to build your email list)
  • How to create mobile-friendly pages
  • Advanced tips & tricks
  • WordPress Plugins you should check out
  • and more
One course with tons of tips & tricks to help you get better at building sites with WordPress and Elementor.

Who is this course for?

Content Creators, Marketers and Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create pages with Elementor from scratch without writing code!

This course is not for web developers and web designers

About the instructor

Rolf Mistelbacher

My name is Rolf Mistelbacher and I am the founder and CEO of Fresh van Root.

I got my hands on the very first version of Elementor back in 2016, and after a first look I got hooked. Several company’s tried to build a product like Elementor did, but only Elementor found an approach that really made sense.

I have helped marketers, consultants, content creators to set up pages with Elementor without writing code. In this course, I am sharing my knowledge in a  practical way to help you get your site off the ground or sharpen your Elementor skills.

What do you know about Elementor?

Check out some of the posts we published on our blog about Elementor and other page builders.

At the end of this course, you will have developed a new skill: You know how to build a website from scratch using Elementor.