Newsletter #39

Viral Tweets & Shady Advertising | How To Run an Instagram Account | Mr Beast vs Seth Godin | Blog More Often in 2021? | Create Images Based on Links | SEO Site Checker | and more ...

Hey, welcome to the last edition in 2020. I won’t comment here on how this year was and how the next one might be (you heard enough of this already). Instead, I want to say thanks to you for reading my newsletter. I hope that my newsletter sparked an idea/project/thought which you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Stay healthy, and have a safe ride into 2021. Rolf

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Viral Tweets & Shady Advertising (Article, 5min)

The first reply to a viral tweet is a prime spot for promotion. Why not make it a business to sell that first spot (I asked that question on Twitter)? Turns out a company is doing this already. More

Open DMs in Slack (Article, 5min)

Slack added a feature that allows anyone to send you direct messages in Slack without being part of your organization. You could, for example, add a “message me on Slack” link on your Twitter profile. After launch, this feature got heavily criticized. I will try it out, it sounds useful to me. More

How To Run an Instagram Account (Blog, 10min)

Are you running an Instagram account and noticing low engagement in recent months? This article might help you to understand why that is so. More

Mr Beast vs Seth Godin (Blog, 3min)

Mr. Beast figured out how YouTube works, his videos are basically about giving away money for nonsense activities. Watching these reminded me of this Seth Godin post, which is a great reminder of how social media works. More

Blog More Often in 2021? (Blog post, 10min)

Is your new year’s resolution to get back into the blogging game? Check this article to get useful tips on how to create a system that helps you to blog throughout the year, not just for the first couple of months. More

Rethink How You Read Books (Article, 10min)

While I think this is an interesting concept, I will stick to my own: I read interesting novels when they arrive at my bedside. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Create Images Based on Links

Remix by Buffer is an app that you can use to create and customize images for social media. Lena took the app for a quick spin. More

SEO Site Checker

Sitechecker is a suite of tools for analyzing all things SEO about your website. I started using the tool recently. (Example ReportMore

Pattern Generator

Need a background image for your next slide deck or website? Apply your brand’s colors and start playing around with this tool. You can download JPG, PNG, SVG. More

Whats possible with Carrd?

Are you thinking about creating a new personal website? Carrd is a very popular tool, and this site shares 52 websites made with the page builder. More

10 Misconceptions in UX Design

I had fun playing this UX quiz (I scored 10 correct answers 🙂 ). More

Design background patterns for your next project

Haikei is a simple browser app for doing that. Download SVG or PNG. More

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Browse the 2019 edition of this newsletter. More

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🔗 One More Link

Create Deepfake Videos

Avatarify is a fun app (iOS only) Is a popular app to do that. More

Movie Recommendations

Horror Movie Recommendations, to be specific. More

Book Recommendation

Human Kind by Rutger Bregman was my favorite book of 2020. It might help you to rewire your brain in regards to how you think that humans are. More