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The 2020 Year End Reports Are In | Adobe app for video creation | AI powered |Newsletter feedback | and more


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📅 The 2020 Year End Reports Are In

Web companies invest tremendous efforts in creating shiny, long-form, year end reports. Here are 3 of them:

1) State of The Web Annual Report

This one is for the webmasters and a bit techy. For marketers, chapter 2 to 4 might be especially interesting (UX, SEO, CMS). More

2) Design Tool Survey

What tools do designers use? 2020 was the year Figma went through the roof, and Whimsical is also mentioned as highly rated tool (We use bothtools daily at Fresh van Root). More

3) Mailchimp’s Annual Report

Yes, impressive numbers, but you might just want to look at the nice graphics while scrolling through this report. It’s astonishing how much effort they have put into this. More

A Reminder to Use Slack Consciously (Article, 5min)

Slack is both necessary and aggravating, so it’s time to learn how to avoid sending a dozen messages per minute (if you don’t want to shiver every time you hear its notification). More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Create Videos on the Go

Adobe Premiere Rush is a smartphone app by for creating videos on the go. An in-depth review by Lena on our own blog. More

Basic SEO analysis (Chrome extension)

Get a basic overview on the SEO status of a page. Headings, outgoing links, etc. Enables to detect issues on a page fast. (overview screen-recordingMore

AI Powered Copy-Writing

AI powered marketing tools are popping up like crazy. Copy AI is one of these services. Based on your input, it comes up with suggestions on how to improve your copy. I played around with it and the results are meh. But you can try it for free (my review in a Twitter thread). More

Rebuilding our Homepage in Dorik

We rebuilt our Elementor homepage with Dorik to compare the two page builders. Dorik lacks the design freedom of Elementor, but the performance is way better. (all things DorikMore

Generate Click-baiting Headlines

Now I know how Buzzfeed creates those headlines. More

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🔗 One More Link

The Year in Pictures

Yes, “A Year Like No Other”. More

Record Your Own Opera Composition

For your next 5 minute break. Fun idea from Google (▶️ listen to my recording). More