Newsletter #36

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Why Personal Productivity Systems Fail (Article, 20min)

An enjoyable read about personal productivity systems and why they fail (by Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work). The article explains the Getting Things Done concept and portrays a former productivity blogger and the hype about constantly improving one’s productivity. More

A Creator-Owned Video Platform (Article, 5min)

Nebula is a “creator-owned” video platform that publishes exclusive content produced by YouTubers exclusively for the platform. The site allows creators to upload more exploratory content that might not work on YouTube (or is completely blocked by YT). It already attracted 100K paying subscribers. More

Content Creator and Marketing Genius (Article, 10min)

To be honest, I’ve never heard about Elijah Daniel before reading that NYTimes article. He seems to have mastered the art of creating stunts on social media that blow up. More

If it were easy … (Blog, 1min)

… everybody would do it. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Livestream Service for Creators

Crowdcast is a super interesting live-stream platform for independent creators, startups, and small businesses. Start streaming with your webcam, or connect a professional streaming software. You can host both free and paid online events. Read the review in our blog. More

Create Videos for Your Audio Only Content

Headliner is one of the apps widely used to create videos based on your podcasts. It automatically creates a transcript, adds a waveform, has features to add animated text, to name a few of the features. More

Create Screenshots of Tweets

Taking screenshots of tweets is very popular – think of all the places pictures of tweets show up. This service called Pikaso allows you to create those screenshots (Example) and fancy them up. But the free version is very limited, and the paid plans are a joke. (except you screenshot 100 tweets a month). More 

Send Personalized Emails based on contact data in a Google Sheet

If you are looking for a lightweight way to send personalized emails, check out this service called Postsheet. It takes the contact data from a sheet (Excel and Airtable support coming soon) and sends a personalized email to your contacts. More

Pagebuilder Dorik’s Multi-page Feature

I am closely following the development of Dorik, a page builder that caught my attention earlier this year. With the release of the multi-page feature, you can now create complete websites instead of just single landing pages. More

Paywalls are Annoying

More and more content is moved behind paywalls, or at least you are asked to deactivate your ad blocker (Example). This is where this service called Outline comes in handy. Paste a link and read a plain text version of the article. It doesn’t work with all sites, of course. (Example)  More

📣 Fresh van Root

Job Opening

I am looking for an experienced Growth/Content-Marketer. Freelance gig, fully remote. More

Website Update

I am still tinkering with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks. Performance gains are to be made by not using Elementor. More

🔗 One More Link

How to look sharp …

in your next online meeting. More


Download your favorite Microsoft-inspired wallpaper. More