Multi-page: New Powerful Feature in Dorik Pagebuilder

Back in July I discovered Dorik, a no-code website builder that I immediately got hooked on. We are closely following the development of the web-app and started publishing a how-to blog post series.

So far it was possible to create a single page with Dorik, using pre-made templates or designing your own.

Now Dorik added a crucial feature that makes it possible to create complete websites, instead of just single landing pages: The multi-page feature.

Interface to add new pages

Adding pages to your project in Dorik is done with a single click. You can create a copy of an existing page or add a new blank page.

With this new feature added, the websitebuilder was changed in terms of design. Now Global Settings can be found in the sidebar, while Page Settings remain in the header. But that is only a minor UI change.

Screencast showing how to add new pages

After you are done creating your pages, you might want to link them together. You can do so only by copy/paste of the individual page URL. That is not very convenient, especially if you change the slug of the page later on, but I am sure the Dorik team will change this in one of the future updates.

Linking pages in Dorik is currently a copy/paste job

The common behavior in page builders when adding a link to a page within the same site is a simple dropdown or search field that quickly brings up the pages within the same website.


Dorik has made an important step by adding a multi-page feature that will put them alongside some of the widely-used page builders. Dorik is the ideal platform to create websites for newly launched products, services, and smaller companies that require simple yet nice looking and functional websites.

With a multi-page feature added, only the sky’s the limit now, as Dorik is setting a bar for no-code builders as with an expanded list of features, website creation is narrowed down to several clicks.

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