Newsletter #26

Feat. a tool for video creation | Microsoft Planner for Content Management | Making Money with Substack | Longread suggestions

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Making Money By Writing Newsletters (Article, 9min)

How newsletter company Substack helps writers/freelancers to make money on the side or even replace project work with it. More

This Startup Builds A New Type of Search Engine (Article, 5min)

A profile about a former Google advertising executive turned into a critic who now builds a new type of search engine with his startup (in closed beta). More

Explore Design Systems (Article, 11min)

You might not have the resources like Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Mailchimp to create a design system for your projects. Still, it’s good to know about the general trends and get inspired. More

Linking To Specific Areas Of A Web Page (Article, 3min)

Linking to a specific area of a web page is an unsolved issue if anchor links are not provided. Google pushes a Chrome extension that allows you to do that. I would like to have this issue solved, however not by Google, but by a broader industry approach. More

Discord Chat App Goes Mainstream (Article, 13min)

Once known as the app gamers rely on during online battles, Discord is now rebranding as a place to talk for all types of communities. A detailed profile of the company. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Create A Video Based On Your Slide Deck

Or by editing a text file. Video Puppet brings a fresh approach to creating videos. More

Microsoft Planner for Managing Social Media Content

How can you use the task management app from Microsoft to manage social media content? More

RemoteCon – Online Conference All Things Remote Work

Lots of content to be explored by companies creating tools that support your remote work experience. BTW: The event is hosted on Hopin, one of three platforms to conduct online conferences that I featured in this newsletter before. More

How Accessible Is Your Website?

The “WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool” is a simple way to find out in which areas your site needs to be improved. (Example). More

How Microcopy Can Improve User Experience

40 examples of how small changes in copy can make a difference. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Fresh Updates

Usually, July and August are a bit more quieter, turns out this year is different and our clients are in full shipping mode.

🔗 One More Link

Popular Digital Services In The Old Days

How would Netflix in VHS times look like? More