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Paste by WeTransfer | Audio Tweets coming | Rent a pet | HEY email service review | Create branded InstaStories on your phone | Drive & Listen

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Build 1mio Followers On TikTok (Article, 10min)

We sure live in strange times. That’s what I thought after reading and watching this profile of a TikTok influencer. Don’t tell me I’m getting old. More

Tips to Improve Your Marketing Copy (Blog, 4min)

A few simple tips you can apply to improve your marketing copy. More

Is It a Website or a Web-App? (Blog, 7min)

A somewhat technical answer is provided in this post, including links to lots of interesting related articles. More

First Review Of Email Service HEY (Article, 5min)

The HEY email app wants to rethink how we manage email from scratch. It doesn’t live up to this promise, this NYTimes reporter writes. More

The Unbounce Platform  (Blog, 2min)

The SaaS company makes it easy to build landing pages without writing code. Founded in 2009, the company today has 200 employees and just raised a ton of money. Their mission: Further automate landing page creation. More

Virtually Adopt A Pet (Article, 5min)

We sure live in strange times #2. You can virtually adopt a pet to beat the Corona blues. “Having a virtual pet is far less time consuming than bringing home an animal.” You don’t say! More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

A Fresh Approach On How To Build Slide Decks

We all have used WeTransfer. Now the team behind the service launched Paste, a web app to build fancy slide decks. Cool app! More

How to Set Up Calendly For Paid Online Meetings

A tutorial I wrote that explains how to create online events with Calendly, Stripe, Zoom. More

Create InstaStories On The Go

Mojo is an app to create branded Stories on your phone. We currently evaluate the app for a client project. More

Grammarly Introduces Company Style Guides

Is your team relying on Grammarly for editing content? With this new feature, you can create a style guide to improve consistency across your content. More

Color Palette Generator

Simple to use for non-designers. Nice: Upload a picture and see the fitting color palette. More

New Twitter Feature: Audio Tweets

This could be a game-changer for Twitter. Currently only available on iOS (I am using Android). More

📣 Fresh van Root

New Homepage

Finally, our new homepage is in the making and will launch in the coming weeks. Preview

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Take A Drive Through [choose a city]

Drive & Listen. Can we get this for bikes too? More

Why indistractable is worth a read? (Book Tip)

Nir Eyal – known from the best seller Hooked – gave makers and builders a resource on how to build habit-forming products. With his latest book “indistractable” (2019) he’s giving us – humans – tips and tricks on how to control our attention without getting distracted by those apps. It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? Thanks to Tom for providing this tip. More