Newsletter #18

The life of a Youtuber | Coffee does not make you more creative | Work from home advice | and much more

Hey, welcome to edition #18 of our newsletter for curious marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs with a hands-on mentality. In this edition, I am introducing a new section called One More Link (at the bottom) that features one off-topic item for your entertainment.

Content and tool curation as a service, that’s the mission of this newsletter. Expect stuff about social media, design, marketing, and tech. Stay fresh! Rolf 

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Growing up and Youtubing (Article, 6min)

The look at the ups and downs of growing up as a YouTube celebrity: having to push out sincere videos regularly, spending hours on editing while slowly burning out. Then you end up as a YouTube consultant. More 

Make Money While Sleeping (Article, 5min)

Many Tik-Tok users have begun live-streaming themselves overnight while sleeping, and some viewers even donated to them. One of the reasons for this trend is the stream’s chat section. More

Second Life meets Facebook (Video, 2min)

Facebook does not give up on VR and thinks we will meet and play in “Horizon”. (I am not convinced after watching this video) More

Open Source Design Examples (Blog, 3min)

In recent years it got common that design teams share the process that led to the final result. Templates, brand guides, and more are shared and helping the community. Figma is one tool advancing this trend. More

Tips for Remote Work Newbs (Blog, 3min)

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg shares a few tips for improving your remote work experience. (And call yourself lucky for having a job that makes remote work possible) More

Coffee and Creativity (Article, 3min) 

Coffee consumption seems to help make problem-solving faster and more efficient, as well as can cheer one up but has no effects on creativity. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Platforms for Hosting Online Events

For obvious reasons, platforms that allow hosting events online are trying to use the current conditions to promote their services. Here are three of them. More

How to Add Subtitles To Your Social Media Videos

Adding subtitles to videos is a must if you want your video to be watched on social media. Subly is a tool that makes this task easier. More

Create Graphics for Social Media within Minutes

Figma is a well-known tool for designers, but content creators will also easily customize their social media templates. More

No-Code Resources

3 resources we check out regularly. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Published on

Short video app Byte wants to compete with TikTok by reviving the momentum Vine had. More

🔗 One More Link

0107 – b moll (Video 3min)

Relax while watching this subway riding into the night accompanied by some good music. More