Welcome to The Team, Olena

I am happy to announce that our team is growing. Let me introduce you to Olena. She joined Fresh van Root beginning of April as a content and social media editor.

Olena will help us to create, edit, and publish content for our clients. But if time permits, she will also create blog posts here. She published already two posts: One about the Houseparty app, the other one about Crowdtangle.

And check out our Twitter channel, which now is updated more frequently and shows a curated and hand-picked list of content.

Originally from Kiew, Olena moved to Vienna in 2014. She studies Journalism and Communication and is currently only one step away from finishing it, which means writing the master thesis.

Besides studies, she is a blogger at the TEDxVienna team, likes travelling and is passionate about art, books, history, and different cultures.

Four Questions

Your favorite TV-series?


Your favorite app?


What’s the most typical Ukrainian food everybody should know about?

There are way too many delicious Ukrainian dishes, but one thing you need to know about Ukrainian cuisine is that sour cream makes everything tastier. On second thought, varenyky (dumplings) filled with cherries are mouth-watering (with sour cream, of course).

Mac or Windows?


Favorite social media channel?


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