Upcoming Website Project? Read This Book to Get Everyone Involved On the Same Page

The book “Making Your Website Work” by Gill Andrews is a great resource for everyone creating business websites, writing website copy, or being involved in website projects.

You will get 100 easy to read and actionable tips that will improve your website.

A few examples of the topics covered:

  • What is a sloppy design and how to avoid it
  • How many Call2Action buttons are okay to have on a page
  • Which content should go on your homepage
  • The difference between copy that sells and storytelling
  • The elements of a successful landing page
  • Typical design elements you want to avoid

All the tips given are structured into five categories:

How to use the book (via Amazon Look Inside)

An experienced online marketer/web creator might know a lot of the topics discussed, but it’s still interesting to have a copy of the bok that you can pass on to less experienced colleagues. And to refresh your own memory, of course.

For business owners, entrepreneurs, junior marketers, or web content creators, I can highly recommend this book.

It was released in November 2019, so its content reflects the current state of how a performing business website is created. I do like the fact that the book is not pointing you to tons of tools, which makes it easier to read (and the tools will outdate faster than the tips given)

Learn more about the book.

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