This Ship is Full, Go Build Your Own!

Have you ever thought that all your posts on Facebook, articles on LinkedIn, your tweets, your efforts to be influential on Instagram, are leading to nothing?

Maybe it is time to stop posting on that platforms and start building your own ship.

Your heavy posting does not lead to substantial growth of your account. Step back, stop being present on every platform, reduce the noise. Publish less, and when, do it on your own blog.

Build a following on your own domain, Attract blog readers that appreciate you sharing your experience, your thoughts and know-how.

Make a bet: by the end of the year, you will have made more meaningful connections via your own site than on the big platforms. All the likes, comments and followers you got, they can disappear or get useless with the change of one line of code in an algorithm.

10000 likes or followers are way less important to you as 100 monthly readers on your blog.

January is the month of new beginnings! Go start a blog and see where it gets you by end of the year.


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