This Is The New Slide Deck App By WeTransfer

Paste by WeTransfer - Blog Review

It’s called Paste, and it caught my attention earlier today on LinkedIn with a slick launch video.

I signed up for an account and took it for a quick test.

When it comes to building slide decks, I am a conservative. I was a long-time user of Microsoft PowerPoint before I moved completely to the cloud and built all my slide decks with Google Slides. I never got hooked on Prezi or any other alternatives.

The first impression I have of Paste is a good one.

I like the editing process of a slide. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Here are the absolute editing basics, watch me clicking around and trying a few core functions out.

Out of the box, Paste supports a huge list of services to integrate content from — all the big players, but also tools that you would not expect to find on the list.

Hence, the name Paste: The major feature of Paste is the possibility to paste anything quickly and customize it to your needs.

Paste an image from Unsplash, a Google Doc or Map, a Figma file, …

Watch this in action (presentation by Paste).

As expected, the tool supports collaborating while working on a deck. A comment feature allows you to discuss each slide. I had a discussion with myself, and it worked well.

Other notable features:

  • One-click feedback on slides
  • Set default brand settings
  • Embed a slide deck on a web page
  • Export your deck as PDF (but no PPTX export)

Here’s a short screencast browsing the app:

After you finished editing, you can, of course, share your slide deck with a link. Like this one.

What about the pricing? Up to 3 decks can be created with a free account. Decks built with a free account will have a Paste branding.

What’s my verdict after using it for a bit?

I really like Paste by WeTransfer. A great user experience, cool-looking templates, and it runs fast like a locally installed app. I will definitely keep this on my list of tools to check out in greater detail. If you build slide decks that need to show content from lots of different sources, check out if Paste supports the tools you already use to create content.

Curious what can be built with Paste? Browse the explore section on their website.

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