Tettra: A Wiki-like Knowledge Sharing Solution For Your Company

I am in the midst of evaluating Tettra as a solution for knowledge sharing inside Fresh van Root.

We want to better document processes and standards for content creation and social media (not only our own but also the ones our client use). Right now, that information is spread across Google Docs/Sheets and different Slack channels.

Tettra is a web app made for knowledge sharing inside a company. To get an idea of what Tettra can be used for after signing up, you can browse a list of existing templates.

Right now, you can create two different content types in Tettra: a page or a suggestion.

You get all the basic formatting features: import the different files to get started, and @mention co-workers, or link to existing files on Google Drive.

Both suggestions and pages can have comments. The default setting allows every member of your organization to edit every page (like in Wiki). If you do not want that, you need to get on a paid plan.

Suggestions can be upvoted and commented on. If a suggestion asks for a new topic to be documented, you can start creating a page right away. Suggestions in Tettra are a way to discover undocumented processes or simply ask for documentation to be created.

Pages and suggestions are organized in categories. A recent activity feed shows what’s going on in your organization.

So why use Tettra instead of Google Docs or any other Office App?

Tettra perfectly integrates with Slack. You can connect your workspace and @mention your co-workers within Tettra. Notifications are sent out to your co-workers when input is needed. But you can also search Tettra documents inside Slack.

It also connects to your company’s Google GSuite account. You can link to the existing documents and files, for example.

Those are just some of the features that stood out to me after using Tettra for a bit. It also connect to GitHub, but we don’t use it at Fresh van Root.

If your company is on the Slack/Google stack and is looking for a solution to document processes and standards, Tettra could be interesting to you.

To give you a better idea of how the web-app works and looks, I created a few screenshots of the web-app.

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