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Here is the recommended links section from our last newsletter:

Your Body Is The Content: Did you know that some fitness centers focus on targeting Instagram users. A longread about fitness influencers on Instagram. From micro- to macro-influencer everything gets covered. Also interesting: Museum of Ice Cream.

All things Facebook – Do you want to broaden your knowledge on all things Facebook, or even want to be an expert. A collection of links to opinions, critics, analysis, for a long weekend.

How heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness. Staying offline is healthier, we know that already. Hobbies for the Body, the Mind and the Soul

Nostalgia: The Linux of social media – How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging

5 books every marketer should read in 2019 (Disclaimer: I haven’t read any of these books…)

Motivation on Mondays: My routine includes reading a few blogs from Seth Godin. i.e. this one, or that one! (should work on other weekdays as well)

Tool Tip: Optimize a picture for web with Google Squoosh. Blogging in English as a non-native speaker? Check out!

Get prepared for this spring with a DJ Set by Scheibosan.

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