Record Meeting Conversations And More With Otter.AI

Otter has been getting some buzz recently. It’s one of those apps that makes it possible to turn voice recordings in searchable transcripts in real-time.

Otter web app home view: Upcoming meetings, recent conversations, and the record button are central.

Otter can be used on the web, Android, and iOS. It comes with a free plan to record 600 minutes a month.

How does it work?

Short on time? Scroll down for a quick video demo.

The main use case Otter is going after is recording your meetings and turning the recordings into editable cloud files. For that, you can connect your Google or Outlook calendar, and Otter sends you a push notification and asks if you want to record the meeting.

Editing a conversation in your browser – web app view

Recordings created using the calendar feature are then linked to your calendar entries. Otter shows the list of upcoming meetings, and you can record it both on your smartphone or on your laptop.

A push notification on your smartphone asks you if you want to record a meeting

That is cool when you are sitting with others in the same room, but you can also connect Otter to your Zoom account (you need to be on a paid Zoom or Otter plan to make this happen).

Each transcript can be further edited:

  • Edit the text
  • Highlight the text
  • Add comments or pictures
  • Automatically created list of keywords
  • Team accounts
Editing a recording in Otter on Android

While Otter is focusing on meetings, keep in mind that you can record any conversation. Record a podcast, create your own voice memo, anything you want to make searchable or edit later on.

Other notable features:

  • Record conversations on laptop
  • Export transcripts as SRT or DOCX files
  • Connect to Dropbox
  • Import audio files
  • Share transcripts with link
  • Organize transcripts in Folders and groups

I will evaluate Otter as an app to record blog post ideas on the go or ugly first drafts that I will then turn into WordPress posts. Whenever on the go, this app might come in handy.

Here’s a video of me recording a voice memo in Otter.

And yes, you guessed right, Otter only supports English at the moment.

Otter has a compelling feature set, and the quality of the transcripts is great. I am sure we will hear a lot about this company in the coming months.

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