Why I prefer Twitter over Facebook

A Facebook profile I recently stumbled upon

I recently re-activated my (real) Facebook Account after 2 years. I blogged about content consumption outside Facebook here already. After 2 weeks I am fed up with it already, I uninstalled the mobile app and realized I feel much more home on Twitter.

So here’s a list of reasons why I think Twitter is the better social network.

Facebook users tune their profile to the max

On Twitter, you sell yourself with tweets, not a fancy biography or your favorite pictures of celebrating friendships. On Twitter everything is about what you tweet, you have way fewer options on how to customize your profile. A typical Twitter biography is just a few sentences or words. Facebook wants to know everything.

Screenshot of a Facebook users biography I stumbled upon
Screenshot of a Facebook users biography I stumbled upon

Consume more updates in less time

How often did you open Facebook and started doing something completely different than what you had intended? Facebook has so many more distractions available if you just come to check the newsfeed. The constantly red notification symbol, telling you about birthdays, event invitations, group updates etc. is annoying.

More diverse content

While the content posted maybe is not so different, people have to be more creative due to the 140 character limit.

Ads are less distracting on Twitter

Promoted Tweets are less annoying than ads on Facebook. On Facebook, there are so many different types of ads and places where Facebook puts them, it does feel more like advertising brochure.

Video overload on Facebook

Facebook likes video, so lots of videos are in your newsfeed. Sometimes I have the feeling I am browsing the YouTube frontpage, not a social network.

Follow wins over Friend function

I know Facebook also added the Follow function, but it’s still up to the user to manually enable that. On Twitter, you can talk to each other without having a handshake before doing so.

Twitter is live

If you get on Twitter, you can see what’s published right now. Yes, they are constantly experimenting with alternatives to the pure chronological view (the Highlights feature), but you consume what’s published right now, and you may miss out on something, but that’s ok.

Businesses offer excellent support on Twitter

Most of the cloud based services I use offer excellent support over Twitter. Twitter Direct Messages are a great way to interact with businesses.

I discover more fun projects on Twitter

Things like @RealPressSecBot or @TheBotLebowski. This is my kind of humor.

What’s your opinion?

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