Platforms for Hosting Online Events

For obvious reasons, platforms that allow hosting events online are trying to use the current conditions to promote their services.

Right now, small and big conferences worldwide are canceled. Instead of completely canceling the events, some of the event organizers will look for opportunities to host them online.

In every difficult time, there is also an opportunity (at least for some).

Here are 3 platforms that have come to my attention in recent weeks.

Run The World

Unfortunately, Run The World does not share much about how the actual product works and looks like (no screenshots or video demo). You need to book a demo first to get the inside view.

Telling from the site, the service offers the typical features you would expect. Speakers can stream live, share content, and attendees can discuss their matters as well as meet online. Event organizers can reach out to attendees.

Keep in mind that the service just launched on February 27. I took notice in a blog post over at TechCrunch. A few events are already featured on the site.

A special landing page for coronavirus impacted events


HopIn was featured in our newsletter a few weeks back. Compared to Run The world, you see a bit more of the actual product. I am still waiting to get access.

Hosting conferences online got pretty common in recent years. Hopin is a platform that wants to be your one-stop-shop for hosting pure online events.

via Fresh van Root Newsletter


HeySummit seems to be longer around compared to RunTheWorld and HopIn.

The service covers a broad set of use-cases and features to host your event online.

And, you can start a trial right away.

I expect that lots of events will be canceled, and I am sure I will be forced to play around with one of these services this year as an attendee or a host, we will see.

I am registered for re:publica, a gathering of over five thousand web citizens in Berlin. Hopefully, it will not be canceled (you can’t simulate the Berlin vibe online).

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