Keep an eye on links’ social media interactions with CrowdTangle

Checking interactions with the links you post is very important, but may be rather laborious and time-consuming. With Google Chrome extension CrowdTangle this task gets much easier. 

CrowdTangle is a link checker that allows you to see how many users shared your link, who shared it, and what people say about it, in just a few clicks. It shows how your information is spreading on social media. 

Screenshot: The CrowdTangle Chrome Extension
Screenshot: The CrowdTangle Chrome Extension

This browser extension allows you to compare your content’s social media performance with competitors. Saying this, CrowdTangle can also be used for identifying influencers that share your content, and it can be used for determining the target audience, as well as producing more customer-oriented content. 

CrowdTangle shows the spreading of your content on the web in real-time, and can be used as a media monitoring and content discovery platform. It has become one of Facebook’s analytics tools, so you can get it if you have a partnership’s contact at Facebook. But the Chrome extension can be used by anyone for free. Download it from the Google Chrome store, and see which of your content is performing best.

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