LinkedIn: Go After Your Competition’s Audience with Member Skill Targeting

The LinkedIn targeting options are a B2B marketers’ dream. It is powerful but expensive, and it delivers results.

One specific targeting option I want to talk about in this post is “Member Skill”.

A member skill could be




While Copywriting is a general business skill, Photoshop is a very specific product skill driven by one specific company.

Member Skill – targeting examples on LinkedIn

Imagine you are creating a product that competes with Photoshop (or complements it). Using the member skill targeting option from LinkedIn allows you to go after the audience your competition serves.

In combination with

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Location
  • Experience
  • and others

you can build a specific “compare us with” campaign.

I wouldn’t be surprised if LinkedIn pulled the targeting for product-specific member skills. Use this option as long as it is available to collect leads directly on LinkedIn.

A campaign page by Webflow – Going after the WordPress audience

We have had some pretty good results of running such campaigns with message ads/lead ads.

The flow has been:

  1. Target member skill audience of competition
  2. Outline the benefits of your product compared to the competition
  3. Lead-form for webinar registration
  4. Funneling the audience into an email list for further nurturing towards the product

The member skill is, of course, powerful for the owner/creator of the member skill too (Adobe in the case of Photoshop). Want to reach your long-time users and fans to make them aware of new features or products? Target your users with a member skill audience. Check out the LinkedIn Targeting options.

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