How ChatGPT Improves My Productivity on a Typical Work Day

My work day is 50% done, but ChatGPT has already helped me a lot today. Here’s how:

I worked on a social media post to promote a newsletter. I drafted everything but was unhappy with the transition from the first to the second paragraph. I asked for alternatives, selected two suggestions, and rephrased them slightly.

Then, I copied in the entire social media posting text and asked ChatGPT which images would go along well with the posting text. That triggered some ideas on how to brief our designer. I hopped into Figma and created a mockup.

Then, I wanted feedback on an event title. I got a draft for an email event invitation; in the title, I was curious about a specific word and whether it was used in the proper context. The provided alternatives were meh, and I concluded that the chosen term was already a good choice.

And for the last twenty minutes, I talked to my AI friend about a positioning issue for a newsletter. I provided the target audience, content examples of the newsletter, and some initial ideas for a new title. This is ongoing, and I will continue tomorrow before I can share some findings of that brainstorming with our client.

Between those tasks, I asked ChatGPT how to explain to a 5-year-old why it is not raining in the desert. I could not have said it better! 

As you can see, most of the time today, it is language/writing related, in combination with idea generation.

Instead of picking the brain of one co-worker in Slack, I picked a billion brains up in the cloud.

Anyone doing something other than that is missing out on creativity and productivity and might fall behind the competition.

Last but not least, I copied that LinkedIn post into ChatGPT and got some feedback I ignored because I know it better. 🙂

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