Fathom: Google Analytics Alternative with Focus On User Privacy And Essentials

Google Analytics Alternative Fathom

One of the default actions when launching a website is creating a Google Analytics property and adding the tracking script to the site.

This is true for bloggers, small to large businesses – any type of websites. But most of seldomly look beyond the basic data, that is

  • Number of Visitors
  • Top pages visited
  • Referrers
  • Geo location of visitors

and maybe a few other metrics.

In a nutshell: Google Analytics collects way more data from your users that most of us will ever look at. That’s why Google alternatives are becoming a thing these days.

Fathom is one of those alternatives that focus on collecting the essential data that most of us are interested in. It positions itself as a platform that respects users’ privacy (no cookies set, GDPR compliant). All data Fathom collects fits on one page.

Fathom Analytics – all data fits on one page

You can check out a demo report or start a free trial. Fathom is a product developed by a two-person team. The business model is not selling or analyzing your website data. Pricing for Fathom starts at $14/month for 100K pageviews.

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