Create Your Next Video Brief Using StoryboardThat

If you lack the drawing skills needed to create a storyboard with pen and paper, like I do, you may want to check out this website.

I am involved in a project that requires briefing different content creators to work on a new video series.

For that task, I am evaluating StoryboardThat.

It’s a web-app that you can use to create storyboards with a simple drag & drop editor.

The main benefit, of course, is that you do not need to draw all the scenes and characters. Instead, you can search the library and add text elements.

How does it work?

You search the library and add the graphical elements to your storyboard. If the library does not have what you need, you can also upload your own files.

You can expand your storyboard by adding more cells, move them around, or choose from different layouts.

When you are ready, you can export your storyboard as a PDF or present it as a slide show.

The paid plan also allows working on storyboards as a team.

Here’s a quick example I created in just two minutes:

A quick idea on Story

StoryboardThat could be the tool you evaluate before briefing the next content creator you work with.

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