Create & Schedule Social Media Posts with Mailchimp (and Get a Free Domain)

The Mailchimp you know is changing rapidly. Known to most of us as an email marketing tool, Mailchimp’s mission changed to being the “all-in-one marketing platform”.

One specific feature Mailchimp added is the creation of social media posts, which I took for a quick test.

Here is how it works.

The same “create campaign” feature you usually click when working on email campaigns now offers the option to create a social media campaign. Calling it “campaign” is a bit misleading because what you are creating is one post that goes online on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (the 3 supported platforms at the moment).

You choose a name for the “campaign”, add the text and pictures you want, and click next.

Currently, Mailchimp supports 3 social media platforms

What I like about the implementation is that you create a general post text at first, and in the following screen, you can further customize it for the specific channel.

Customizing the posts for each platform

After you are done editing, you can schedule or publish the post immediately.

Scheduling your posts

Your social media post shows up in the list of campaigns in Mailchimp.

Mailchimp also added a calendar feature. You can see all your scheduled campaigns (emails, social media posts, etc.) in one calendar.

Mailchimp campaign calendar showing scheduled social media posts

After a post is online, you can also see the statistics about it in Mailchimp.

Screenshot from Mailchimp – social media campaign report

As you can see, the social media post feature in Mailchimp is aimed at small businesses that occasionally need to create social media posts. Mailchimp is not competing with Buffer or Hootsuite (“heavy posting”), at least not at the moment. I expect Mailchimp to cover more post types, platforms (for example LinkedIn), and other features in the future. Check out Mailchimp’s help page to see more screenshots and a detailed description of the feature.

Recently, Mailchimp launched its own landing page builder. Now you can also reserve your own domain via Mailchimp. The mission of being the “all-in-one” marketing platform is already in execution.

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