ChatGPT Vision AI – Have a Chat about Your Images

This soon-to-be-rolled-out-to-all-users feature, Vision AI, allows you to upload images to ChatGPT and ask questions about it.

  • Am I allowed to park here?
  • Can you explain that slide to me?
  • How can I create a dashboard like that in the picture?

You can take *any* image, upload it to ChatGPT, and learn what AI says about it.

Endless opportunities. For tech products, this is also a way to reverse engineer products, as one of the examples in this Twitter thread shows.

Also, think about the world of prototyping: Take a design, upload it to ChatGPT, and ask to create the code to make it work. Then, deploy it to Netlify directly from ChatGPT.

(Embedding tweets does not work anymore or is unreliable, so I made screenshots from the tweet).

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