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Productivity vs Creativity | Spotting AI generated images | A web browser alternative | Is coffee good for you? | and more

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Some highlights of this newsletter:

  • Was it made with AI or by a human?
  • Biking America as a digital nomad in 1983
  • A web browser for people that have too many tabs open

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Hello to 47 new subscribers. 👋 I’m Rolf from Fresh van Root. What’s Fresh van Root? A digital marketing agency working for tech startups primarily, and a content creation business. This newsletter features content and apps at the intersection of AI, marketing, productivity, tech, content creation, and social media – for curious minds. 

🧠 Hand-Picked Content

Productivity: Creativity On Low Battery (Article, 5min)

When your productivity and output decline during a brainstorming session, it does not mean your ability to come up with fresh ideas suffers too. Our last ideas are often the best, and persistence in generating output is essential. This fallacy is called the “creative cliff illusion.” More

Remote Work: The First Digital Nomad (Article, 10min)

This is a story worth knowing. Steve Roberts built his own custom bike that allowed him to work from anywhere – in 1983. He worked as a freelance author and “computer consultant” and developed his own “computerized bicycle” for a 17 thousand-mile journey. He had to connect a modem to a pay phone to get online. Fascinating story. More

AI: Real Or Artificial? (Article, 10min)

It’s a fun game on social media these days to ask followers if a picture was made using AI or is real. But as tools like Midjourney produce photorealistic results, it’s no longer possible to see it with your own eyes. Now there is a solution: Software tools that look for unusual pixel patterns. The problem is: It’s a cat-and-mouse game, with the AI detection tools always one step behind. More

Creators: 90% Of All Pictures Are Taken On Smartphones (Infographic)

You know the reasons: The quality of pictures taken continues to increase, and the possibility to share your photos from your phone instantly is highly convenient. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

AI: Zoom Out Of Your AI Image

Text-to-image service Midjourney added a new feature that allows you to “zoom out” of your AI image. Imagine you created a picture with the prompt “knowledge worker sitting in a cubicle.” With this feature, Midjourney will imagine what the rest of the office will look like. As of today, the zoom-out feature is only supported for AI images; uploading your own photos does not work. More

Productivity: Web Browser With Interesting Feature Set

Vivaldi was first published in 2015 and is a well-established browser alternative today, especially for people who appreciate its features for managing many tabs. One feature we like is the option to show websites in greyscale, which tones down pages overloaded with images. Taking screenshots, blocking ads, and taking notes, managing emails is all supported without installing additional extensions. More

  • Bonus: In issue 79 we featured Arc browser, which was hyped as a new way of browsing the web

Web Analytics: Your Questions About GA4

Google forces a big update on all of us using Google Analytics. To be precise: end of this week. So now is the time to educate yourself at least about the basics if you still need to. This FAQ answers the most basic questions. More

Design: Free Icons And Elements To Customize

  • 400 free SVG icons More
  • 70 custom-color elements More

Tip: You can download these and paste them into Figma to customize them to your needs.

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🏞️ Your Next Wallpaper?

Steve Roberts on his computerized bicycle. More

Is Coffee Good For You? (Video, 20min)

Caffeine keeps us going, awake and alert. But is it healthy? Hundreds of studies about our coffee-drinking culture and what it does to our bodies exist. This YouTuber attempts to provide an overview of the amassed research. More

Inspiration For Your Next Lunch Break (Website)

Yummy! More