Newsletter #33

4000 illustrations | Voice Tweets | Customize social media links preview | Cloudflare and WordPress | Interview with Spotify CEO

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🧠 Hand-Picked Content

How Healthcare Workers From 7 Countries Use Their Phones

Your phone’s homescreen is an intimate space. Here are 7 people sharing how their phone is organized, and which apps they use (during the pandemic). A look into the lifes of strangers. More

TikTok Competitor Triller (Article, 10min)

is throwing money at TikTok celebrities to get them over to their app. I think ultimately that approach will not convince the masses to switch. Except the TikTok app ban will go through. More

Interview With Spotify CEO (Article, 20min)

How does a typical work-day look like, how does he handle meetings and stay productive? More

Voice Tweets Are Not Dead (Blog, 2min)

Instead, the feature is being rolled out to more users. More

“Myths And Realities About Mistakes” (Article, 7min)

You can read this on a Monday morning to get going. More

🛠️ Tools & Apps & Services

Dorik vs WordPress: David vs Goliath

An article we published to help beginners decide which tool to use for building their next landing page. More

Customize Social Media Link Preview

This service can come in handy for social media managers. Customize the sharing image for any link. More 

Scheduling Confcalls Over Different Timezones

Can be a hassle. This website helps with finding fitting timezones. More

Building A Startup Without Writing Code

A free webinar telling you how to do that. Block 1.5hrs to take it. More

Speeding Up WordPress Sites

Can be a very technical, time-consuming experience. Now Cloudflare launched a service specifically targeted at WordPress users. More

Illustrations For Your Next Project

4000 vector illustrations categorized per style. More

📣 Fresh van Root

Everybody Working From Home

So it gets very silent at the office, and listening to music can be a distraction. Say hello to the generator of positive sounds. More

🔗 One More Link

Snowball fight from 124 years ago.

Thanks to our AI-powered algorithms in the cloud, that brings us videos like this one. More