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Is Your Content “Indexed” in AI Chat Systems?

I wanted to find out if my blog posts are “indexed” in ChatGPT and other tools. To test this, I asked a very specific question. …

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Kick Start Your LinkedIn Marketing Project

2019 seems to be the year businesses want to get real about content marketing on LinkedIn, or give it another try. Some of our clients …

A lot of questions you might have to answer before kicking off your marketing efforts
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Startup Marketing: How to invest your first marketing dollars

As a startup founder, you are focused on reaching product/market fit, collecting feedback from your first customers, iterating your product, building business partnerships and raising …

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Deep Content vs. Shallow Content

A few times a year I read non-fiction books, most of the time I put them away before getting to the last page. I recently …

How to create your social media strategy
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How to Create Your Social Media Strategy

I have blogged about content sharing, blogging, tools, apps, and how to re-market your content, use specific platforms, but until now, not much about how …

Embed Slideshare in LinkedIn Post
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13 Ideas for How to Repurpose Your Content

As a content creator, it can be frustrating to invest time and money in creating a blog and then not see the content picked up …

A recent viral story on Medium, “reading time 23 minutes”
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Should You Use Medium for Your Next Blog Project?

Introduction In this post, I want to provide a brief overview for people who are thinking about starting a blog on Medium and dont want to …