How to Make Your Instagram More Vivid

It is not a secret that Instagram is all about visuals: even if the caption is perfectly written and has a lot of useful information, the chances are high that it will not be attractive to anyone unless the picture is flawless.

Apart from postings, a huge part of Instagram is the Stories format. They are no longer just some photos that were not good enough for the main feed but a powerful tool for promoting your content and products. And even though the IntaStories only visible for a day (if you don’t manually pin them to your highlights), they have to be flawless too.

Stories have to be eye-catching but need to provide some information at the same time. This sounds like a lot of work. But some applications can make the life of a social media manager a bit easier. One of them is Mojo, and we have been evaluating it to understand if we want to suggest the app to one of our clients.

Mojo is an application for creating animated stories with quite a lot of functions.

It has a lot of templates to choose from, and each of them is adjustable.

The templates available in Mojo

You can change the font of the text, its size, colors, and style, as well as add more text blocks. It allows you to make the video dynamic or calm, depending on your aim. Of course, you can also change the position of the text.

You can also change the length of the video and the background color as well as add a new text or graphic. A nice bonus is that you can add photos from your gallery or from the free gallery available in the app, provided by Unsplash. You can add videos as background as well.

Different styles for texts

Same goes with music: the app has some jingles you can add to your video for free, but you can also add yours.

In Mojo, you can also add some graphics as well as GIFs.

The GIFs in Mojo

This app is free on Apple Market as well as Google Play. But there is also a paid version that will cost you 40 Euros per year, which is not a catastrophic amount of money if you have to work with social media all the time.

The paid version unlocks all templates and fonts and allows you to add your own fonts, which is quite cool for keeping up with your corporate identity as well as making your stories recognizable. The paid version also allows you to change the format of the video to make it suitable for other platforms apart from Instagram.

Last but not least, you can add your logo in just a few clicks when you have the app’s paid version.

The Logo function in the paid version of Mojo

Even though the paid version has a lot of cool features, the free version is also nice and has many tools to work with. In comparison to many apps that seem to be for free but actually have an extremely limited number of tools that work without paying, Mojo has some advantages. You can actually create some good content without having to pay for the app. It is also nice that there are no haunting ads that would distract you while working on the video.

But, of course, the paid version will make your life easier and allow you to make your content more unique.

A quick Instastory created with Mojo

All in all, Mojo is a good tool for social media managers that have a lot to do with Instagram. The app is easy to use but can be a bit frustrating at the beginning. Nevertheless, you will get used to it in about half an hour.

The editing process in Mojo

We are satisfied with the app as it has a lot of functions that allow you to create good-looking videos without having to work with video-editing programs on the computer. Everything is in your phone, and you can even work on the go, which comes in handy since we’re in a rush very often, and the social media are in a rush all the time.

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