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This blog aims to help digital marketers grow their skills and digital content channels by providing insight and knowledge on the latest developments in the field of content and social media marketing.

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We try to cover topics a marketer should think about when running digital content channels.

Covered topics include:

  • Tool and app recommendations for digital storytelling,
  • Tactics that help you do your job more efficiently,
  • Tips and tricks and the latest trends on how to manage your social media channels,
  • How to monitor and analyze your digital content channels,
  • Rants on developments in the digital marketing space.

We do not cover tactics concerning online advertising.

Digital Consulting Agency - Vienna

Rolf Mistelbacher - Fresh van Root

Rolf Mistelbacher – Fresh van Root

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Rolf Mistelbacher, CEO & Founder Fresh van Root

LinkedIn | Twitter | +43 681 10646315

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