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What Questions to Ask Before Choosing a WordPress Theme

What Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Theme for Your WordPress Blog

I recently changed this blog’s theme for the third time since launching it, and I have helped several clients and friends to start a blog in the past. Over the years, I have learned a bit about choosing a theme for a WordPress blog. I always ask my clients to think about the following questions

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Article Adobe Spark Cover Picture - Screenshot Adobe Spark Website

Adobe Spark: Tools for Content Creators

Introduction I like to evaluate new tools that enable content creators to optimize their workflow. I recently discovered Adobe Spark; it’s a set of tools that enables digital marketers to create web pages, videos, and images all in the browser without the need to install any app or plugin. Over the last years, creating content

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How Digital Marketers can use Facebook Live Video

How Digital Marketers Can Use Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live video is still pretty new, and if you have already experience in producing live video events, you should definitely take a look at Facebook Live. In this post we take a look back at how the live streaming started before we dive into details on how to use Facebook Live Video. A Brief

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How to implement popups on your Website

How to Use Pop-ups to Engage with Your Website Visitors

In this post, I want to share a few thoughts on implementing pop-ups on your website and give you a checklist on what to ask yourself before implementing it the right away. The term pop-up triggers ugly memories of the old days of the web, when a website opened another browser window (showing you promotions

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Why Digital Marketers Can’t Ignore WordPress

WordPress is the most used content management platform for creating content driven websites. It started as a blog tool, and now it’s a powerful content management system, which is running on nearly 30% of all websites worldwide. It has been around for 13 years and, specifically, as a digital marketer, you can’t ignore it. Even if you

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How to get more out of your content sharing activities

Tips and Tricks for Content Sharing on Your Digital Marketing Channels

Content marketing has led to thousands of companies creating quality content for free, and content curation as a trend to deal with that has emerged. It’s not enough to just produce great content, but you also should share great content from others with your audience to build your brand and show you have your finger

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Browser Extensions (Chrome) for Digital Marketers and Content Creators

As a digital marketer, you spend more and more time on your browser than on installed client software. In this post, I will promote a few browser extensions I use in my daily work as a digital marketer and content creator. I will not cover browser extensions, which help publish to your social media channels.

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Use Slack to Monitor Your Content Marketing Activities

  As a digital marketer, you potentially publish content on different platforms. If you work on several client projects at once or work with a team, monitoring your content marketing can become very time consuming. You want to keep track of everything that happens around all your channels. In this post, I want to outline

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Note Taking and Collaborative Drawing with a Digital Pen

In this post I want to share a how I use the digital pen in my daily work routine and give tips on tools and links to resources I find interesting. With the rise of touchscreens, more and more people have started using a digital pen on their digital screens. Drawing with a digital pen

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Why Twitter Users Know How to Fix Twitter and What They Want

In the last few months, many blogs have been published on how to fix Twitter. Twitter has to make a lot of people happy. How can investors make more money, advertisers reach more consumers, power users get new features, and Twitter attract new users—all at the same time? In this post, I want to focus

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Collect Analytics and user feedback with Hotjar

If you run a website, even just as a hobby and not for your business, chances are high you are interested in analytics. How many people get to your site, which pages are viewed the most, where do they exit, how many come via Facebook or Search. Google Analytics is the de facto standard for

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How I consume content after leaving Facebook

Over the last 12 month I changed my reading behavior for all things digital. First of all I closed my personal Facebook Account (and Instagram Account) after discovering how much time I spent on Facebook via Rescuetime (multiple hours each week). I can’t ignore Facebook for my business, so I have an account under a

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