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Hanna’s perspective: How my 15yr old niece uses social media

Hanna, my 15-year-old niece was visiting me in Vienna this week, and every time she visits I try to get the millennial perspective on smartphone usage. Here is a short blog interview with her to pass on some of that insights. When did you start using Snapchat? I started using Snapchat about 3 years ago and

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Publish your Twitter threads as blogs

In recent years it has become pretty normal to publish your thoughts and ideas as Twitter threads (see here an official how to and example). Instead of writing a blog and sharing it to your Twitter account, people like to use the minimal UI of Twitter for putting out a series of thoughts within seconds. What

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Blogger Workflow: From 1-100 blogs

Welcome to the 100th blog post! As I like to read what the process and toolset from others bloggers looks like, I thought this would be a good opportunity to write about my own blogging workflow. Reading how others get stuff done is always an opportunity to learn and get better, or discover that little

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Tool tip: Sharing text from a page to Twitter with Chirp Chrome extension

I got a tip to check out this little Chrome extension called Chirp for Twitter. It makes sharing text excerpts of websites to Twitter really easy, and as that is something I do often I was looking for a little tool to help with that for quite some time. The extensions page only shows around

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More reasons to self host your content

I thought with recent news it is a good opportunity to write an additional post on why it is important to self host your content. Soundcloud laid off 173 people. Not a good sign for podcasters, artists and DJs building a following on those platforms. The situation at SoundCloud is quickly deteriorating, with bankruptcy potentially

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Project Gutenberg: Medium like editing experience coming to WordPress

A few weeks ago the WordPress community gathered in Paris for WordCamp Europe, and what caught my attention on Twitter was the announcement around a project called Gutenberg. Gutenberg (available as a plugin in a preview version) brings a new editing experience to WordPress and will at one point replace the default WordPress editor. As

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Fresh 🎓Workshops 🎨Projects 🔭Content (Newsletter)

In this edition: learn about recent projects and get links to noteworthy content. #FRESH #WORKSHOPS motivate and inspire teams – with full day workshops about digital storytelling / content marketing / social media / productivity and collaboration (Workshops in German and English). Contact office@freshvanroot.com. #CONTENTCREATION a Fresh van Root production: architecture company ATP architects engineers

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Influencer Marketing: From 2004 to 2017

Influencer Marketing is nothing new really, but some things have changed since the first hype in 2004. Influencer Marketing in 2004 If you look at the Google Trends graph above you see that Influencer Marketing was already a hot topic in 2004, but the web was much more fragmented back in these days. This infographic

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Elementor or Enfold: When to use what

Enfold is one of the top selling themes worldwide and Elementor is a page builder plugin new to the game. How do these two tools compare? Elementor and Enfold both allow you to create pixel-ready websites without touching code. Even if you are new to WordPress you will be able to add a theme or

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Lead generation tools - Leadfeeder Leadberry Fastbase

Making your website a 24 hour sales person

Lead Generation – How cold can you go? Lead generation is normally about creating content to download and capturing an email as a lead. This can be a very difficult task in some niches as creating downloadable content is yet another task to do in a small team. Creating content for SEO and thought leadership

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How To Cover a Conference on Social Media [A 13 Step Guide]

Fresh van Root was hired to cover the MIT Europe Conference 2017 live from the event. This is a good opportunity to share how we approach such projects. The MIT Europe Conference happens every two years in Vienna. It was hosted by the Aussenwirtschaft section of the economic chamber of commerce. Luca and I were

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Cloud Hosting - WordPress on Amazon Lightsail

WordPress in the cloud for the non-techie: Amazon Lightsail

For a recent consulting project we did evaluate the messaging and social media accounts of the big cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure) and discovered the relatively new service Amazon Lightsail (launched in December 2016). Lightsail targets a less tech savvy audience than the typical Amazon cloud customer and offers a fixed

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