Educate Yourself: How Blogging And SEO Play Together


Every company selling digital products, apps, services were pushing out freebies last week. The core message: We want to improve your home office/remote work experience, so try out tool X.

Also, on the educational side of things, lots of material showed up in my feed.

One piece of content that I took a look at was the “Blogging for Business” course by ahrefs. I have watched a few chapters, and I can recommend the course to anyone who is involved in running a blog as the single owner or part of a team.

The course gives a complete picture of the tactics involved to grow a blog.

ahrefs is an SEO software company, and they provide this 5-hour long course. Of course, there are multiple finger points to using ahrefs as the SEO software of your choice.

If you have some downtime in your home office and want to get motivated to start your blog, check out this course.

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Rolf Mistelbacher

Rolf Mistelbacher

Hi, I am the CEO & Founder of Fresh van Root, a boutique digital agency in Vienna, Europe. I got first online in '96 and since then I am hooked on the web. Here I blog about social media, WordPress and blogging, productivity, apps and tools for digital marketers, and all things related to running a digital agency. Before starting Fresh van Root I was working at Microsoft for quite some time. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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