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TL;DR the startup edition – Blogs that Startups should read from 2017

2017 Go to blogs for startup marketing Here are the blogs that we have written over the year that are important to the Startup people. Just recently I was talking to a founder of a startup about how it was going. His response is that I gave it up and went back to trading instead.

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Book cover of Understanding SEO by Franz Enzenhofer

Book review: Understanding SEO by Franz Enzenhofer

There is a lot of bad SEO advice out there. Many SEO agencies still buy links and give esoteric recommendations. A whole industry that promises things it can’t control (search rankings) or don’t matter (overall traffic). I tend to not listen to people who call themselves SEOs. Nevertheless I bought the book Understanding SEO by

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A simple recipe for following up on Facebook leads via automated emails

This post is about how to collect leads via social media (on Facebook) and automatically follow up (Zapier) with them via email (Mailchimp). While lead ads on Facebook have been  around for some time now, it seems to be still very unknown to many people just how easy it is to automate following up on

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Getting started with Content Marketing and Blogging as a Startup

This blog is based on a one hour talk we have given at WeXelerate Online Marketing trends workshop. Here you will see that for the one hour there was a lot planned but Content Marketing is a huge topic with many different disciplines. The focus of the talk was blogging, something that the presenters Nick (senior

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Sektor5 Co-Working Space Vienna

A look back: My Sektor5 experience

Sektor5 is closing, the place where Fresh van Root was born and I made friends, found clients and had lots of Makava. Sektor5? If you have never heard about Sektor5, I will quickly get you up to speed: It was not the first co-working space in Vienna, but the first one which was born during

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Speechkit.io – Create podcasts based on your written content

Podcast creation can be a time-consuming task: record a conversation, edit the audio file and create the transcript for the blog that usually is published along with the podcast. But the tech involved in producing podcasts is changing, thanks to AI, new software, and new hardware. A few examples: Mikme, a new wireless microphone for

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Fresh van Root is growing! (+1 announcement)

We have some news hot off the press today. Welcome to the prototype of our first podcast on anchor, we are recording today from sektor5 co-working spaces in Vienna. Read the transcript below or listen in on Anchor listen in on Soundcloud! [soundcloud id=’344266929′ height=’false’] Fresh van Root is growing We are going to not only

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Startup Marketing: How to invest your first marketing dollars

As a startup founder, you are focused on reaching product/market fit, collecting feedback from your first customers, iterating your product, building business partnerships and raising money. Now that first money has come in, and you can finally think about leveling up your startup marketing. You have the option to hire a full-time marketer, engage with

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App tip: Create or listen to podcasts with Anchor

This weeks blog is about the podcasting app Anchor. It is an app both for podcast creators and listeners. But it comes with a lot of features typical for social networks: you can subscribe to radio stations, share or like shows and several other features which could make this app a real gamechanger in the

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Stuff to Read for the Curious Marketer

Summer is the ideal time to catch up on reading blogs. Here are a few recommendations for open-minded marketers from my reading list. Pax Facebook Very nice thought game: It’s 2030, Facebook has discontinued its offer for advertisers, Mark Zuckerberg is not the president of the United States, and an informed society and moral discussion

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Why I prefer Twitter over Facebook

I recently re-activated my (real) Facebook Account after 2 years. I blogged about content consumption outside Facebook here already. After 2 weeks I am fed up with it already, I uninstalled the mobile app and realized I feel much more home on Twitter. So here’s a list of reasons why I think Twitter is the

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My first week with automatically promoted Tweets #autoads

Twitter is beta testing a new service. Pay $99 per month and have all your Tweets automatically promoted. I gave it a try; in this blog I share my experience and data after using it for one week. My Twitter past and the invite I have just over 7 000 followers on Twitter. The account

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